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The “Fabulous Five” Step Out

Posted on: Mar 27, 2019

What do these five women have in common?

A) They are Concordia Music majors approaching the end of their programs
B) Their names end with /ə/
C) They have sung with the Concordia Concert Choir
D) They have senior recitals coming up in the next three weeks

And the answer is . . . yes, all of the above! Sneaky, huh?

Over the last few years each of these women has spent countless hours rehearsing and honing her technique and musicianship under the mentorship of our faculty, in Alumni Hall, at Concordia events, and in the wider community. Her senior recital represents the culmination of her musical development, a unique product of talent, diligence, and personality.

Witness the recital posters: a reflection of each woman’s art and passion. They hold clues to what distinguishes each of these accomplished musicians.

Watch Inside CUE for more information as the recitals draw near. And plan to join us in marveling at the talent nurtured and developed over the last four years within the School of Music!

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