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Travel Research Group: year 2

Posted on: Apr 27, 2016

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With the conclusion of Concordia’s winter 2016 term, the Travel Research Group celebrates its second year of successful events.  Started as a pilot project, the Travel Group is Concordia’s first research cluster.   Watch for announcements of new events for the 2016-17 term!

Focus and mandate of the group

We are a group of scholars united in exploring issues related to travel.  We understand “travel” to have many dimensions.  For example, not only people but ideas and movements can travel.  Travel has personal and social aspects: it can be a process of self-discovery as one also encounters and learns about other places, people and circumstances.  Travel involves physical movement but may also deal with conceptual or imaginative journeying. 

As an academic group, we gather regularly to share the results of our research.  We learn from each other and collaborate on projects.  Because the members of the group represent many fields and disciplines, we bring a diversity of approaches and topics to the table.

Check out our website!  http://research.concordia.ab.ca/interdisciplinary-research-group-on-travel/