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OEC Registration Process

Posted on: Oct 15, 2019
Applying to Extension and Culture courses just got easier! 
As of today, CUE employees that want to register in a CUE Extension and Culture course will no longer be required to create an account via ApplyAlberta and do not have to pay the $25 ApplyAlberta fee! 
CUE employees can directly log in to the Online Course Selector and register in Extension and Culture courses. You can access the Online Course Selector here: https://onlineservices.concordia.ab.ca/CI/ocs/Course_selector_add_drop/intro 
The registration process remains unchanged for non-CUE employees and can be found here: https://concordia.ab.ca/external-affairs/office-of-extension-and-culture/extension-programs/how-to-register-for-oec-courses/
Questions? Email us at extension@concordia.ab.ca