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Institutional Travel

Posted on: Apr 24, 2017
Travel on behalf of the institution must satisfy the following criteria:
  • Travel must typically be budgeted for in advance and approved by the Budget Steering Committee, the Board Finance Committee, and the Board.
    • Travel Request Form must be completed and approved by the president prior to the trip. For international travel please submit this to Manfred Zeuch who will provide his approval before forwarding it to president for further approval. Domestic travel requests can go directly to the president@concordia.ab.ca email.
  • The person traveling is expected to share information with relevant individuals and groups on his or her return, and to submit a brief Travel Report to the president.
This policy applies to everyone equally: faculty, staff, and administrators. Short and routine trips, such as those within the Edmonton region or similar, need not be approved. Local and international institutional travel are essential elements of running a university and the intent here is not to restrict these activities. Rather, we need to ensure that we have sound processes in place for oversight, and that all travel aligns with institutional objectives and our budget priorities.

Please note that this policy applies only to institutional travel. Travel using faculty professional development funds, or funds from an internal or external research grant, need not seek approval from the president. Such travel, however, is still expected to conform to institutional and granting agency guidelines for expenditure.

Please also see: Airline and Automobile Travel Guidelines

The documents linked can also be found on the G-drive (G:\Information for Faculty and Staff\Financial).
Thank you,

The President’s Office