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Information on governance and policy at Concordia

Posted on: Jan 29, 2017

Concordia’s administration is working hard to ensure that information on governance, including current policies, is clearly and publicly posted on our governance website. Here you will find information on our chancellor, the Board of Governors, General Faculties Council, our president, the university secretariat, policies, privacy, institutional accountability, and collective bargaining.

When referencing this website it is important to note that it is a work in progress. For example, there are some areas in which we are still adding policies, and we ask for your patience as we work towards a comprehensive policy listing in these areas. In addition, policy is never set in stone but rather is subject to amendments. These updates and amendments will be reflected in the policies posted on the site so as to ensure that the most current information is available.

Governance at Concordia is transparent, democratic, and consistent with the Concordia University of Edmonton Act and the Alberta Post Secondary Learning Act. The website, we hope, helps us to effectively communicate issues and structures with respect to governance at CUE.