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Presentation: Portuguese Punk Girls and Youth Resistance (Research Cluster Focus on Women)

Posted on: Jan 30, 2017


The Focus on Women Research Cluster

Warmly welcomes everyone to attend a presentation on:


Portuguese Punk Girls and Youth Resistance 

Wed., Feb. 1, 2017

12-1:00 pm

Room HA 207

A presentation given by:

Dr. Paula Guerra,

 Guest Professor from the partner

University of Porto in Portugal

Presentation: Cultures of Youth Resistance in Portugal: Gender and Difference


Abstract: The emergence of youth culture in Portugal was late. It happened in the late sixties of the twentieth century, following the political, economic and social change that had its epicenter in the Carnation Revolution in 1974 and that removed Portugal from the dictatorship. Only after this milestone, we can properly speak of youth cultures. Youth cultures are here, as they were for the CCCS, different ways of being young, as young people do not live or experience the same things similarly. Each has its own individual route which varies depending on the specifics of daily life path, with the crossroads they face and which are directly related to the family, class and social background, and even with different maps of cultural, musical and aesthetic significance that each ascribes to himself. In the constitution of the plural universe of youth culture, punk is of particular significance because it was also a symbol of openness, cosmopolitanism, modernity and aesthetic, cultural and social disruption in Portuguese society. Furthermore, if we focus on punk girls, we think through them we can detail more precisely the specificities of Portuguese youth cultures. Through an approach of life stories of 10 women in the early days of Portuguese punk, we try to give an adequate development of these specificities accentuated by gender differences, showing similarities and distances in relation to the work of the CCCS, providing a critical rereading of its main contributions.


Dr. Paula Guerra
Dr. Paula Guerra

Concordia University of Edmonton – Building Bridges