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Impairment Policy and Cannabis Policy

Posted on: Oct 17, 2018

Today Canada becomes the first G7 nation, and the second nation in the world, to legalize the recreational use of cannabis nationally. Concordia University of Edmonton, like organizations across the country, has been analyzing the legislative changes to determine how the institution must prepare for the possible implications to its community and mission. CUE’s top priority is to ensure its campus remains a safe and healthy place to learn, work and live.

CUE’s Impairment Policy and Cannabis Policy come into effect today, and align with community expectations, institutional values, federal legislation and municipal bylaws.  Please familiarize yourself with these two policies, as we all have a responsibility to maintain a high standard of health and safety.

Impairment Policy: https://documents.concordia.ab.ca/s/PvmM-q33RFmbF13MT3AjhQ

Cannabis Policy: https://documents.concordia.ab.ca/s/juxBTeCqQIWlb2yZ3rZAlw