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The Concordia Commitment – Join today!

Join the Concordia Commitment Today!

The Concordia Commitment, a one-of-a-kind program in Alberta, provides additional support throughout your studies to help you achieve academic and career success. The Commitment helps you get the most out of everything that CUE has to offer from the first semester to beyond graduation.

The Concordia Commitment:

If you complete all requirements of the Concordia Commitment program, have a 2.3 GPA at graduation, and do not secure career-related employment within 6 months of graduation, or move on to a professional program or graduate studies, you are eligible to return for an extra year of undergraduate classes for FREE.


All students with 33 or less Concordia or transfer credits in a 4-year degree program, and all students with 9 or less Concordia or transfer credits in a 3-year degree program are eligible for the Concordia Commitment. Note that this includes students starting 3 and 4-year degree programs with no post-secondary courses or credit.


FREE! A refundable deposit of $200 is required to enroll (GST included), but is fully refunded on completion of all requirements of the Concordia Commitment program.

Last day to register – September 20, 2019 at 4:00pm

How the Commitment Works:

After joining the Concordia Commitment, you will be connected with a faculty or staff advisor who will offer advice and guidance throughout your program, meeting twice per semester the first year.


After joining the Concordia Commitment, you will be connected with a faculty or staff advisor who will offer advice and guidance throughout your program, meeting twice per semester throughout your time at CUE.


  1. LEARN

The program helps you adjust to university courses and demands by offering you valuable academic skills workshops. Attend 4 academic workshops in your first year to develop time management and study skills, learn about test-taking strategies, and connect with other Commitment students.



Get involved in CUE campus life to meet people, make friends, develop new skills, and become a campus leader. By joining a student club, becoming a Student Ambassador, volunteering at CUE, or engaging in other rewarding campus opportunities you invest in your personal and professional growth. Find the right fit for you, discuss your engagement activities with your advisor, and stay involved throughout your degree to enjoy university life and build your resume.



All students enrolled in the program will attend the yearly Concordia Commitment Lecture where an inspiring speaker will share wisdom and experience to help you succeed while at university and beyond.

In Years 2/3 of the program, you will also attend scholarly presentations to connect with the intellectual life of CUE. There is no shortage of fascinating topics and themes delivered by international experts and distinguished research clusters on campus.



Your journey to a fulfilling career begins with self-discovery. We will help you in this self-discovery journey to build a thoughtful career plan and create a career path.  We will guide you through a range of fun activities such as career development seminars, career fairs, industry panels, and networking events. You will also get personalized help with resume writing, effective interviewing, networking and more.

Concordia Commitment Program Outline

  • The Commitment is designed for 3- and 4-year degree programs
  • Attend meetings with your advisor twice per semester throughout your degree
  • Take the annual Concordia Commitment Lecture each fall
  • Stay involved in campus life activities throughout the program
  • Benefit from each purposeful program phase as you move through your education:

Year 1 Advising and Academic Support

Year 2/3 Scholarly Presentations and Intro to Career Planning

Year 3/4 Career Skills Development  

You are eligible to return to CUE for one undergraduate year for FREE (30 credits maximum to be taken within a single calendar year in Open Studies) if you:

  • Complete all 3 or 4 years of the Concordia Commitment program (depending on the length of your degree)
  • Graduate with a 2.3 GPA or higher
  • Demonstrate you are actively pursuing jobs by working through the Job Search log
  • Check in monthly after graduation to discuss the steps you have taken to start your career
  • Are unable to secure a career-related job or begin professional or graduate study within 6 months of graduation
  • Are no more than 1 calendar year out from graduation


*Information drawn and adapted from the ‘U of Regina Guarantee’ program.

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The Concordia Commitment Policy and Procedures

For further information about the program, contact:

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