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The Concordia Commitment

New program just announced!


Our new program will support students throughout their university experience and beyond, to successful employment or graduate study. Once registered, students participate in a series of ‘value added’ features aimed at enriching their university experience while they are at CUE, and then supporting them through to successful employment or further study following graduation.

The CUE Commitment states:

If a student completes all elements of the CUE Commitment program, has a 2.3 GPA for the duration of their program, and does not secure career-related employment within six months of graduation, or move on to graduate studies, they will be eligible to return for another year of undergraduate classes free of charge.

We anticipate the return rate to be low because this sort of program does what it promises – sets students up for success.

The program has five elements:


Each participant in the CUE Commitment program will be connected with an advisor to support them on their journey, meeting a minimum of twice per semester.


The program assists students during transition to university undergraduate studies, by participating in relevant academic workshops, and providing peer-mentor support. Students will attend a minimum of two seminars per semester in their first year.

Student Engagement

Students will have opportunities for service and leadership experience that is both rewarding on a personal level but also builds their resume. These opportunities will occur throughout the duration of a student’s degree and will be negotiated with the student’s advisor.

Intellectual Enrichment

All CUE Commitment students will attend the yearly CUE Commitment Lecture where speakers will address the entire cohort of participants in the program.

Students will also be invited to participate in value-added scholarly seminars and presentations that take place in addition to their degree program. Students will attend a minimum of two seminars or presentations per semester during their 2nd and 3rd years (second year only for those taking 3-year degrees).

Career Development

Students will gain experience in and assistance with resume writing, interview skills training, career counselling, attending career fairs, and participating in networking opportunities. Students will attend a minimum of two sessions per semester during their 4th year (or 3rd year for those taking 3-year degrees).

Students in all years of their degree program will be offered support and information regarding participation in work integrated learning opportunities such as cooperative work placements or internships. This is a voluntary support component of the program, not a mandatory requirement.

Program Framework

  • 3 or 4-year degree program (depending on degree duration).
  • Attendance at all regular meetings with program advisor (minimum 2 per semester).
  • Attendance at the annual CUE Commitment Lecture.
  • Completion of student engagement activities (negotiated with advisor) throughout entire duration of degree program.
  • Completion of scheduled development opportunities within each year of the program:
    • Year 1: Transition: 2 seminars per semester.
    • Years 2/3: Intellectual enrichment: 2 seminars/presentations per semester.
    • Year 3 or 4: Career development: 2 seminars per semester.

Students are eligible to return to CUE for one undergraduate year for free (30 credits maximum to be taken within a single calendar year) if they:

  • Complete all 3 or 4 years of the CUE Commitment program (depending on degree duration).
  • Graduate with 2.3 GPA or above.
  • Illustrate active pursuit of employment with a monthly log of activities, and document attempts at obtaining employment.
  • Check in monthly after graduation to discuss steps taken to obtain employment.
  • Are unable to find secure career-related employment or a suitable graduate program within 6 months of graduation.
  • Are no more than 1 calendar year out from graduation.

Eligibility: All first-year 3 and 4-year degree program students are eligible for the CUE Commitment.

Cost: Free. Refundable deposit of $200 required, which is fully refunded on completion of the CUE Commitment program.

Program schedule: Begins Fall 2018 for students starting Year One of their degree.

*Information drawn and adapted from the ‘U of Regina Guarantee’ program.

For further information about the program, contact:
Sonja Schwake
Learning Services Coordinator
Tel: 780-491-6854