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Faculty Research Papers and Publications Winter 2019 Term Update

Posted on: Apr 25, 2019

Research Outputs Winter 2019 Term Update

Explore our faculty’s most recent publications.

The following lists the latest publications from the vibrant scholarly community at Concordia University of Edmonton.




Faculty of Arts

Nicolas Arnaez

Arnáez, Nicolás (2018). “La Sinfonía de Babel [Babel’s Symphony].” Intonations Journal 1 (1), 16-30.

Tolly Bradford

Bradford, Tolly and Joannou, Jessica (2018). “From Supremacy to a Spectrum of Responses: a Brief History of Christianity and Indigenous peoples in Canada” Canadian Journal for Scholarship and the Christian Faith 

Catherine Caufield

Caufield, Catherine (2018). “Aboriginal-non-Aboriginal Relationships: A Focus on Healing“. Religious Studies and Theology 37.2: 141–146. Foreword, non peer-reviewed.


Travis Dumsday

Dumsday, Travis (2019) “Dispositionalism and the Metaphysics of Science“, Cambridge University Press.

Dumsday, Travis (2019) “Breathing New Life Into the World-Soul? Revisiting an Old Doctrine Through the Lens of Current Debates on Special Divine Action.” Modern Theology 35: 301-322.

Dumsday, Travis (2019) “The Exoteric / Esoteric Divide and Schellenberg’s Skeptical Religion.” Religious Studies: An International Journal for the Philosophy of Religion 55: 37-54.

Dumsday, Travis (2018) “Origen on Demonic Ignorance (and Why it Might Still Matter for the Theology of World Religions).” Philosophia Christi 20: 463-479.


Valerie Henitiuk

Chittiphilangsri, Phrae and Henitiuk, Valerie (2019). “Orientalism.” In Routledge Encyclopedia of Translation Studies. 3rd edition. Ed. M. Baker and G. Saldanha. New York and London: Routledge. ISBN 9781138933330.

Henitiuk, Valerie (2019). “Feminism and translation.” In A Guide to Bible Translation: People, Languages and Topics. Ed. P. Noss and C. Hauser. UBS/Xulon Press, pages 439-441.

Henitiuk, Valerie (2019). “Translatability.” In A Guide to Bible Translation: People, Languages and Topics. Ed. P. Noss and C. Hauser. UBS/Xulon Press, pages 816-817.

Henitiuk, Valerie (2018). “Memory is so different now: The translation and circulation of Inuit-Canadian literature in English and French.” Contemporary Approaches to Translation Theory and Practice. Ed. R. Valdéon. New York and London: Routledge, pages 65-79.[Reprint of article originally appearing in Perspectives.]


Faculty of Education

Brent Bradford

Bradford, B., Gleddie, D., and Millard, C. (2019). “The principal factor: A literature review juxtaposing the roles of elementary school physical education teachers and principals.Physical and Health Education Canada Journal, 84(4).

Bradford, B. Hickson, C., and Evaniew, A. (2019). “Intersecting literacies: Connecting curriculum through the world of physical education.” PHE America. Non peer-reviewed, dissemination.

Bradford, B. and  Hickson, C. (2019). “Student mental health: The effects of non-verbal messages” Canadian Teacher Magazine. (Issue: Winter 2019), 32-33. Non peer-reviewed, dissemination.

Simmee Chung

Chung, S.(2018).”Education is ceremony: Thinking with stories of Indigenous youth and families.LEARNing Landscapes 11(2): 93-108.

Xu, Q., Chung, S. and Yi, L. (2018). “Teacher education in the English language arts, English as a second or additional language, and English as a foreign language“. In Handbook of Research on Teacher Education, J. Clandinin & J. Husu (Eds.), SAGE Publishing.

Muna Saleh

Saleh, Muna (2019). “Stories we live and grow by: (Re)telling our experiences as Muslim mothers and daughters” Toronto: Demeter Press. ISBN: 978-1-77258-175-1

Edgar Schmidt

O’Shea, N., Liddell, B., and Schmidt, E. (2019). “Measuring Knowledge and Competencies“. CASS Connection, Spring: 23–26. Non peer-reviewed, dissemination.


Faculty of Management

Mark Loo

Hermawan, Marko S and Loo, Mark. (2019). “The Construction of Kekeluargaan as Indonesia’s Organizational Culture”. Humaniora 31 (1): 1-13.

Pavol Zavarsky

Yekini, Tunde Akeem,  Jaafar, Fehmi and Zavarsky, Pavol. (2019) “Study of Trust at Device Level of the Internet of Things Architecture“. 19th IEEE Int. Symposium on High Assurance System Engineering (HASE 2019), Hangzhou, China: 150-155.

Dhakal, Samip , Jaafar, Fehmi and Zavarsky, Pavol. (2019) “Private Blockchain Network for IoT Device Firmware Integrity Verification and Update“. 19th IEEE Int. Symposium on High Assurance System Engineering (HASE 2019), Hangzhou, China: 164-170.

Bali, Ranbir Singh, Jaafar, Fehmi and Zavarsky, Pavol  (2019) “Lightweight Authentication for MQTT by using Topic-Based Self Key Agreement and Block Cipher”, 3rd ACM International Conference on Cryptography, Security and Privacy (ICCSP 2019), Kuala Lumpur: 6-12.

Creative activities and performances

Faculty of Arts

Caroline Howarth

Howarth, Caroline and Ouchi, Mieko (2019). “Songs my Mother Never Sung Me“. Co-director/Dramaturge. Performed by Susan Gilmour, Keiran Martin-Murphy, Elizabeth Morris, Erik Mortimer and Luc Tellier.By Dave Clarke. Concrete Theatre, SOUND OFF Deaf Theatre Festival, Edmonton. February 13 to 17, 2019. Premiere Performance.

 Glenda Stirling

Stirling, Glenda (2018). “Almost, Maine“. Director. By John Cariani. Performed by Concordia University students. Fine Arts Department, CUE, Edmonton. November 2 – 11, 2018.

Stirling, Glenda (2018). “The Glenora Garden Mystery“.  Playwright. Performed by Glenora Elementary School Students. Glenora School, Edmonton. December 18th. Premiere Performance.