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Dr. Brent Bradford recognized by the Physical and Health Education Canada Research Council

Posted on: Feb 26, 2021

Dr. Brent Bradford has been recognized as a Featured Researcher by the Physical and Health Education (PHE) Canada Research Council. This honour recognizes researchers whose professional ideals and service strengthens the physical and health education sector, and whose research and writing drives change forward. Dr. Bradford was nominated to be a Featured Researcher by his peers.

PHE Canada champions healthy, active kids by promoting and advancing quality physical and health education opportunities and healthy learning environments. The Research Council is composed of university level teachers, researchers, and graduate students, advancing research centered on topics and issues in physical and health education. 

Dr. Bradford teaches undergraduate courses in Physical Education and Sports Studies, and pre-service teacher education courses in the Bachelor of Education After Degree program. He also teaches a graduate course (Leadership in Comprehensive School Health and Wellness) in the Master of Education in Educational Leadership program. His research interests include physical and health education, undergraduate and graduate level teacher education, and campus wellness.

Prior to joining Concordia University of Edmonton in 2015, Dr. Bradford taught elementary and junior high school. He also taught pre-service physical education teacher education courses as a graduate student at the University of Alberta. He is passionate about helping school-aged children develop physical literacy, and has been recognized for his teaching in physical and health education (e.g., HPEC Letter of Commendation, 2001; CAHPERD Young Professional Award, 2003; U of A Graduate Student Teaching Award, 2011).

His recent publications include:

  • Bradford, B. (2021). The Doctoral Journey: International Educationalist Perspectives. (Ed.). BRILL | Sense: Leiden, The Netherlands. doi:10.1163/9789004444287
  • Bradford, B., Hickson, C., & Berg, S. (2020). The teaching continuum: A framework for generalist trained elementary school teachers in physical education. In B. Suesee, M. Hewitt, & S. Pill (Eds.), The Spectrum of Teaching Styles in Physical Education. (pp. 152-165), Routledge: New York, USA. doi:10.4324/9780429341342-14
  • Bradford, B.D., Howorko, A., Jacula, E., Daniels, J., Hunt, S., Correia, N. (2020). Tracking daily steps: An investigation on a small post-secondary campus. Central European Journal of Sport Sciences and Medicine, 3(31), 75-86. doi:10.18276/cej.2020.3-06
  • Hall, N., Bradford, B., da Costa, J., & Robinson, D.B. (2020). Physical education teachers’ embracement of alternative environment activities. Journal of Teaching in Physical Education, 39(4), 508-517. doi:10.1123/jtpe.2019-0060
  • Berg, S., Bradford, B., Barrett, J., Robinson, D.B., Camara, F., & Perry, T. (2020). Meaning-making of student experiences during outdoor exploration time. Journal of Adventure Education and Outdoor Learning. doi:10.1080/14729679.2020.1769694
  • Bradford, B.D., van Ingen, B., Daniels, J., Wagner J., & Hanic, M. (2019). Student wellness: An investigation on a small Canadian post-secondary campus. The International Journal of Learning in Higher Education, 26(2), 35-55. doi:10.18848/2327-7955/CGP/v26i02/35-55
  • Gleddie, D., Hickson, C., & Bradford, B. (2018). Physical Education for Elementary School Teachers: Foundations of a Physical Literacy Journey. Ripon Publishing: Victoria, BC.

Congratulations, Dr. Bradford!