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Concordia Finds a Partner in Portugal

Posted on: Oct 25, 2012

Concordia University College of Alberta has signed a “Cultural and Scientific Agreement” with the University of Porto, Portugal. Dr. Manfred Zeuch, Concordia’s VP International says, “It is the largest Portuguese university by number of enrolled students and has one of the most noted research outputs in Portugal. It is considered one of the 100 best Universities in Europe. I’m honoured to have signed this agreement on Concordia’s behalf.”

The agreement provides the framework for the following:

  • Increase the scientific and cultural relationship
  • Further the development of mutual collaboration
  • Exchange of information, materials and scientific information in those fields which are of interest to both universities
  • Promote teaching and researching in fields of mutual interest
  • Promote the mobility of students, faculty and staff between both universities
  • Curriculum development
  • Preparation of joint research projects
  • Participation in seminars and academic meetings
  • Exchange of accreditation procedures and standards

Visit the University of Porto website for more information on the university.