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Accounts Payable – New Employee Expense Claim

Posted on: Feb 15, 2017

Our new Employee Expense Claim can now be found in the folder G: Information for Faculty and Staff/Financial/Accounts Payable Forms.  This form is for Employees use only.  A Non-Employee Expense Claim will be available soon.  The old version of the Expense Claim will remain in the G folder and be amended for Non-Employee use as an interim measure.

Below are some important changes to the Employee Expense Claim:

  1. This form is to reimburse employees for the out of pocket cost for the nominal purchase of goods where the merchant is unable to directly bill the University.
  2. The University will not process a reimbursement pertaining to consultant, contractor or employment services.  These fee for service payments are taxable income and must be paid by invoice through Accounts Payable or Payroll.
  3. This form is to be used for Local Travel within the employee’s work area – a Travel Expense Claim is no longer needed.   The Work Area map is included with this claim and allowable expenses within the Work Area are listed.
  4. Exceptions to policy are at the discretion of Senior Executive only.  Senior Executive refers to President and Vice-Presidents.
  5. All employee expense claims will be paid by Direct Deposit to the employee’s bank account.  Payment by EFT is not only a fast, safe and efficient means of payment delivery but also problems with lost or stolen cheques are avoided.  Please completed the Direct Deposit Banking form, included on the Employee Expense Claim, and submit to the Accounts Payable office. This information must be on file in order to process your expense claim.  Our accounting software does not link to the Payroll software so we apologize in advance for the duplication.

If you have any questions or problems completing the form please contact accountspayable@concordia.ab.ca.