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Reminder for Today: Indoor Air Quality and Your Health (Research Cluster on Wellness)

Posted on: Feb 15, 2017


TODAY: The Interdisciplinary Research Cluster on Wellness invites: 

Indoor Air Quality and Your Health. Prof. Nelson Fok.
February 15, 4:00 pm, G303


Prof. Nelson Fok is the Assistant Director and Adjunct Professor of Public Health at Concordia University of Edmonton, teaching courses on risk assessment, waste management and water quality. He is also an advisor to the National Collaboration Center for Environmental Health, on their evidence-base review documents. Until recently, he was the Provincial Manager, Scientific Advisory Team for Environmental Public Health at Alberta Health Services in Edmonton. He is a certified Public Health Inspector, and received his Master of Science degree from the Department of Environmental Engineering, University of Alberta.


Edmonton and Alberta have overall very good ambient air quality, but this does not mean we are always breathing in clean air. We spend more than 85% of our time indoors, and indoor pollutants can come in many shapes and forms. This presentation will provide a quick review of common indoor air pollutants, from the use of candles to humidifiers, from the type of vacuum cleaners you should use, to how to control dust mites and other pest allergens in the home setting. Should you get your furnace air ducts cleaned every year or upgrade your furnace filter? This presentation will summarize research findings on all these issues. Know the facts on indoor air quality before you buy an air cleaner.