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Rethinking Assessment in the Age of AI

Weaving a New Tapestry for Assessment at CUE

Instructors play a pivotal role in preparing students for their future professional lives. Part of being prepared for life beyond university requires students to understand how AI is being used to enhance research and innovation in a given field of study. As universities delve deeper into the world of assessment in the age of AI, new frameworks have emerged to guide assessment practices. With the revision of course objectives to include AI applications, instructors are compelled to find innovative ways to redesign and redefine assessments. Two such frameworks are: 1) Liu and Bridgeman’s (2023) “two-lane” approach to assessment, and 2) the five principles for assessment reform proposed by the Tertiary Education Quality and Standards Agency (2023) .

The following graphic consolidates the key tenets of both frameworks. When each strand is woven together through excellent assessment practices, we are capable of generating a learning profile that is accurate, authentic, and unique to every student. 

A Visual Representation of AI-integrated Assessment

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Tips to AI-proof Assessments



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