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Women’s Entrepreneurship Day Organization Scholarship $2500

Posted on: Nov 7, 2019
The Alberta chapter of WEDO is looking award one (1) $2,500 scholarship  for the best essay submission by driven women who are passionate about entrepreneurship.
The essay length must be a minimum of 500 words. The winner will be chosen according to…
– the level of thought put into your business idea
– the public’s want or need for your product
– your creativity and originality
– your adherence to the rules
The scholarship is open to any female identifying student who:
– Is enrolled full-time in an accredited Alberta based university, college or trade school. The student must be able to provide proof of enrollment.
– Is enrolled in an entrepreneurship program, involved in a startup/social enterprise, or, part of an entrepreneurship association (i.e. on or off campus). Innovation Launchpad @ CUE is an eligible entrepreneurship program*. 
– Demonstrates a high ambition and desire to be an entrepreneur or business owner.
Funds must be used for enrollment to a full-time two, three or four-year program.
Scholarship will be awarded in the form of a cheque made payable directly to the university or college where the winner attends. The scholarship is not renewable.
Submission deadline:
November 12, 2019; 5pm
Submission instructions:
Submit your essay to info@wedocanada.com
CIAR will be happy to assist with review of essay submissions. Please feel free to reach out to Isha Katyal, Manager, CIAR at isha.katyal@concordia.ab.ca.
*Please reach out to isha.katyal@concordia.ab.ca for more information about joining Innovation Launchpad @ CUE.