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Welcome, Deanna Deveau, CUE’s Instructional Designer!

Posted on: Apr 6, 2021

We recently launched the Office of Teaching and Learning, reporting directly to the AVPR. In this newly created office, we are very pleased to welcome Deanna Deveau. Deanna will join CUE on April 6th as our Instructional Designer, under the direct supervision of the Senior Educational Developer, Daniel Braun. 

Deanna Deveau

If you ask Deanna she will tell you she was a student at CUE more years ago than she can count, and how excited she is to now join us as an Instructional Designer. She might also tell you motorcycles are her passion, but it won’t take you long to realize teaching and learning are the heart of her career. After spending a number of years as a K-12 classroom teacher she earned her Master of Science in Educational Technology degree and moved from the public school system into adult education. Her adult teaching experience includes facilitating training for the Discovery Channel and the Government of Alberta, and teaching at the University of Alberta, The University of Toronto, and Red Deer College.

After teaching in lecture halls, smaller classrooms, and online, Deanna transitioned into supporting faculty adopt blended and online learning at the University of Alberta, Lethbridge College, and Red Deer College. She understands the challenges associated with shifting towards online course work, and is eager to support CUE faculty and their integration of modern learning opportunities for their students.

Exciting times are ahead! Please, join us in welcoming Deanna to the CUE family.