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Thunder Badminton Players ‘Giving Back’

Posted on: Feb 16, 2016

Once again the Thunder Badminton team is giving back to the community with a number of their coaches/athletes getting involved with coaching Badminton in the Alberta Winter Games.  The games were this past weekend – Feb 13-16 – in Medicine Hat and the athletes ranged from grade 8 to grade 11.  The Games are held every two years. Kevin MacAlpine has been involved with coaching Zone 5 since 2004.  Zone 5 is the outskirts of Edmonton (Sherwood Park/St Albert, etc.).  This is MacAlpine's 7th time coaching the team.  (04/06/08/10/12/14/16).  "I think it's very important to give back.   Many of the athletes from this zone are just great athletes but haven't had much coaching at all.  These athletes learn a lot from this experience and I have seen many of them go on and play at very high levels of badminton".  MacAlpine has coached 7 athletes over the years in the Winter Games that all went on to play – or are currently playing – ACAC Badminton.
Not only has Coach MacAlpine been very involved with coaching himself, but he always encourages his Thunder Badminton athletes to get involved as well.  Two years ago when the games were hosted in Banff/Canmore, Concordia not only had MacAlpine coaching, but also 3rd year Thunder athlete Rachael Smillie and current Assistant Coach Samantha Wong coached other zones that needed help. This year, 4th year player Lindsay Ross is helping coach MacAlpine with Zone 5.  Lindsay was actually coached by MacAlpine on the 2010 Alberta Winter Games.   First year player Takeisha Wang is coaching the Zone 8 team (north) because they do not currently have a coach. Coach MacAlpine thinks its very beneficial for everyone involved.  "The winter games athletes get to meet and get coached by some top level ACAC Badminton players and they can see what they can aspire to."
The Thunder Badminton team continues to give back to the community and this is another great example.  Good job, Thunder!!

Coach Kevin MacAlpine

Coach Kevin MacAlpine