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Thunder Badminton Off to a Good Start

Posted on: Nov 21, 2016

On Sunday, the Thunder Badminton team participated in the first ACAC tournament of the year and turned in a solid start to the competitive season. As a team, the Thunder took home second place, accumulating 59 points, just two back from first-place (and tournament host) NAIT.  The entire team performed very well and the Thunder Women were especially dominant. In Women’s Singles, Rachael Smillie took home first place. Kassidy Turcotte took home third place with Cecilia Wolski in fourth. On the Men’s Singles side, Calvin Siu finished in fourth place.  The Thunder Women continued their exceptional day during the doubles competition, with a clean sweep of the podium. Kassidy Turcotte and Takeisha Wang finished first, Amanda Cao and Rachael Smillie took second and Kaylee Morris and Teisha Ouellette placed third. In the Men’s Doubles division, Connor Reinson and Braxton Wong finished third. In the final event of the day – Mixed Doubles – Concordia’s Braxton Wong and Takeisha Wang took home second and Luc-Ly Nguyen and Amanda Cao finished in fourth.
“Overall it was an exciting day of Badminton and a great start to the season for the team,” enthused Head Coach Kevin MacAlpine. The Thunder’s next action will be on January 22nd when the King’s Eagles will host the ACAC for Tournament #2.