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Thunder Badminton Athletes Giving Back to the Community

Posted on: Jan 27, 2014

The Concordia Thunder Badminton team is giving back to their sport.  Fourth year player Coady Duncan was just recently named the Coach of the Northwest Territories for the Arctic Winter Games.  The Arctic Winter Games is an amateur tournament for youth in the circumpolar countries that occurs every two years. The countries participating are Canada (Northern Alberta, Northern Quebec, Northwest Territories, Yukon, and Nunavut), USA (Alaska), Greenland, Sapmi (Norway/Sweden), and Yamal (Russia). There will be over 2000 athletes aged 13-24 and their coaches competing in sports such as Badminton, Basketball, Biathlon, Curling, Volleyball, Hockey etc. and traditional sports such as Arctic Sports and Snowshoeing. This year the host community is Fairbanks, Alaska and the competition is being held from March 15-22, 2014.  Coady is someone that has previously participated in the games.  He is very excited and looking forward for this opportunity to coach and become involved.
As well, Thunder Coach Kevin MacAlpine is coaching Zone 5 for the Alberta Winter Games for the 5th time (06, 08, 10, 12, 14).   This will be held in Canmore/Banff from Feb 6-9th.  "It's something I enjoy doing and its really nice to see the athletes improve in the short time you coach them and then get to see many of these athletes go on to high school, college etc. and continue to improve. It's a unique experience to be part of," stated MacAlpine. "I think it's a very important part of sport to give back to your community and remember that you may not be where you are today without the help of many previous coaches as well."
This year Coach MacAlpine has also got 1st year player Rachael Smillie to help coach the Zone 5 team with him which will be a great experience for her.  As well 5th year player Samantha Wong is also involved helping coach the Zone 1 team because they did not have any local coaches that were available.
This is a 'big chunk' of the Concordia Thunder Badminton Team that is giving back to the community and its really great to see!  Well done Thunder!!