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Theology and Science Research Cluster presents Dr. John R. Wood: An Ecological View of the Necessity of Death

Posted on: Apr 3, 2018
The Theology and Science Research Cluster presents Dr. John R. Wood discussing An Ecological View of the Necessity of Death
on Friday, April 6th at 12:00 p.m. in room HA 015.
The phenomenon of death is a practically and theoretically important question in the biological and social sciences. Suffering and death have also emerged in the twentieth century as challenging theological issues. But is the finitude of death necessary? When death is framed solely as the enemy our options appear limited. Today a convergence of economic and demographic pressures, together with ecological discovery and medical-technical developments present unprecedented challenges to traditional notions of death. We need new insights and fresh theological resources to meet the challenging questions of caring for people in extremis and caring for the earth.
Dr. John R. Wood is Professor Emeritus at The King’s University. He is on the American Scientific Affiliation’s Executive Council, and he is on the Board of Global Scholars – Canada. He has studied the behaviour of White-tailed Jackrabbits and their population fluctuations in Edmonton, and he has published on university campus land use and sustainability practices.