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The Canadian Summer Seminar Has Concluded

Posted on: Aug 22, 2018

The 2018 Canadian Summer Seminar (CSS) concluded yesterday.  Besides their studies in English and Public Health, the students gained lifelong friendships with the current CNU visiting students and learned about Canadian culture.  The CSS students participated in cultural excursions to the Legislature Building, the Fringe Festival, the West Edmonton Mall and Fort Edmonton Park.

Vice President Dr. Manfred Zeuch attended the Completion ceremony and presented certificates to the CSS participants.  Dr. Cecilia Bukutu brought her greetings to the students on behalf of the instructors.  Both the CSS students and the CNU students attended the ceremony and celebrated their achievement in Canada.


The following are some impressions from the students about Concordia, Edmonton and Canada:

-Edmonton is a diverse city.

-Edmonton is also rich in nature.

-Edmonton streets are mixtures of tradition, modernity and various cultures.

-“I experienced multiculturalism in Canada when we were in West Edmonton Mall and Fringe Festival.  There are many people from abroad there, and Canadian people are very kind to us too.  At university, it was great that we could communicate with students from Mainland China and Hong Kong and we could learn many things which are not taught in Japan.  I think this program is a fulfilling program.”

-“I was impressed by the way that various religions were respected…”

-“Concordia University of Edmonton’s teachers were very kind to be flexible with the content and the way they teach to us.  Edmonton is very comfortable and the temperature here is just right for me.”