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Technology & Theology: Call for Papers | The Canadian Centre for Scholarship and the Christian Faith

Posted on: Nov 7, 2018

The Canadian Centre for Scholarship and the Christian Faith is pleased to host the 2019 conference: Technology & Theology on Friday-Saturday 3rd-4th May 2019

Technology is developing faster than our moral capacity to deal with it. Theology is in a unique position to handle the issues. This conference is done in collaboration with the Machine Learning and AI Interdisciplinary Research Cluster of CUE.

Call for Academic Papers and Poster Presentations along the lines of the theme of Technology and Theology may be approached interdisciplinarily from the Sciences, Humanities and Social Sciences and from the subdisciplines of computing science, biology, engineering, philosophy, theology, psychology, sociology, history, culture, art and ethics. There is a broad range of possible topics with some overlap. This list is neither exhaustive nor intended to be restrictive: Artificial Intelligence; AI, Consciousness and Soul; AI and Soteriology; AI and Eschatology; Genetics and Theology; Quantum Physics and Theology; AI and Transhumanism in the Movies; AI and Transhumanism on TV; AI and Transhumanism in Literature; Technology and Biblical Studies; Technology and Theology; Technology and the Church; Technology and Ethics; Technology and Education; Technology and Business; Technology and Sexuality; Technology and the Arts; Technology and Law; Technology and Philosophy; Technology and Fetishism; Social Media and Theology; Virtual Religion; Transhumanism and Soteriology; Transhumanism and Eschatology; Technology and Theology in Pop Culture. For guidelines and submissions go https://goo.gl/Jhytpw. The deadline for proposals is Thursday 18th April 2019.

Vernon Press will be publishing the proceeds of this conference. Scholars who want their original unpublished papers in this book must submit them for adjudication by 31st July 2019 to the editor Dr Bill Anderson at bill.anderson@concordia.ab.ca. Scholars need not present at the conference to submit their papers for consideration.

Link to Call For Papers Poster