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Success stories – CUE students participate in the R.E. Peter Biology Conference at the University of Alberta

Posted on: Mar 11, 2020

CUE students Providence Sindihebura and Donovan Makus presented their posters at the R.E. Peter Biology Conference at the University of Alberta (UAlberta) on March 5th.

Providence Sindihebura

“The immune-independent effect of Granulocyte Macrophage-Colony stimulating factor on breast cancer cells”

Supervisor: Deborah Hemmerling

Donovan Makus

“The Effects of Ivermectin Treated Cattle on Aquatic Communities”

Supervisors: Mariola Janowicz and Rhett Clarke

Providence and Donovan were among the first non-UAlberta students to participate in this conference. Both students had magnificent presentations and engaged in showcasing their research.

From the R.E. Peter Conference website:

The Dr. Richard E. Peter Biology Conference is organized by the Biological Sciences Graduate Student Association (BGSA) in order to showcase the diverse research conducted by Biological Sciences and life sciences students at the University of Alberta and institutions across the province. The event consists of poster and oral presentations by senior undergraduate, M.Sc. and Ph.D. students as well as two keynote lectures from distinguished professors from within the U of A community and from abroad.


1st Place, MSc Category

In addition, CUE Alumnus Adam Moghrabi, former student in the Faculty of Science, received 1st Place  in the Master of Sciences category for his poster presentation “Inhibition of MAVS Signaling by PB1-F2 from H5N1 Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza Viruses in Avian Cells”.


“It’s been such a terrific opportunity, being able to share my research with other scientists at conferences like R.E Peter, as well as learning about the intriguing research happening in the biological sciences sector of our province. … I would not have the skills required to conduct, and communicate my research effectively without the guidance and mentorship of the terrific professors at CUE.

Concordia university has an incredible knack for hiring professors with the expertise and scientific know-how to guide prospective students towards a successful career in scientific research. I am only where I am thanks to exceptional guidance and mentorship from CUE professors like Dr. Hemmerling, Dr. Salvado, Dr. Dalton, Craig Richter, Mariola Jonowicz, Dr. Chen, Dr. Price, Paul Beach, among many others.”


  Adam Moghrabi

” Every bit of success in my career as a researcher, I attribute to the personal, hands on approach that all of these CUE professors take… Concordia university of Edmonton is the only university I could imagine learning, not just the fundamentals of scientific research, but how to be an effective scientist and human being.The life lessons I learned from those professors go beyond the scope of science, and I my admiration for them is immeasurable. I have never seen such dedication to education from any set of professors/instructors than from those I encountered at CUE. Their love and passion for education and creating scientists that are competent for this new age is unmatched. Any young prospective academic should consider themselves lucky to be under the tutelage of the instructors present at CUE.”

We wish to congratulate Providence, Donovan and Adam for their successful presentations. The research done by CUE students make us very proud.