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Dynamic Hearing

Students will experience daily listening sessions intended to promote appreciation of a wide range of musical ideas and expressions.

Through an in-depth guided analysis of selected repertoire, students will be encouraged to develop their own response to novel musical idea, and explore a variety of ways to express their response. Students will be encouraged to express their responses through a variety of media: Dance, Drama, Visual Representation, and Musical Performance.

At Stringspiration, students will be encouraged to participate in activities that involve acting and storytelling as a means to develop interpretive skills.  Later, they will be encouraged to represent the story in actions. The group will discuss how their interpretation would affect performance, choice of tempo, forms of delivery, dynamic, accents and mood.

The Dynamic Hearing sessions are fun and playful activities that aim to encourage students to be open to a wide range of expressive possibility and to cultivate an awareness of individual expression and to foster the delivery of original interpretations in young musicians.