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SSHRC Insight Development Grants February 2021 Competition is open

Posted on: Dec 3, 2020

The Office of Research Services invites all CUE Faculty continuing members to participate in the February 2021 Call for SSHRC Insight Development Grants. If you are interested in submitting an application, contact the Office of Research Services, as soon as possible to gain access to assistance and resources to prepare an application. To download the presentation prepared by SSHRC for this competition, click here.

CV requirements

Since the application process requires the preparation of a CV using the Common CV, please contact the Office of Research Services to access resources on how to create one. The ORS held a session on the Common CV on December 2nd. Additional sessions will be available throughout the year, and posted on Inside CUE.

We have created video resources on how to create a Common CV account, and how to create a funding version of the Common CV. More resources will be available soon. To obtain access to these resources, please contact the Office of Research Services. You can also find instructions on how to use Common CV through this webpage.



Any submission for external funding (including SSHRC Insight Development Grants), requires the submission of an External Grant Institutional Signature Page, accompanied by a full application package, to the Office of Research Services at least seven working days before the sponsor deadline, which for this competition is January 25th at 4pm.

In addition, electronic submission of applications via the Research Portal requires the Office of Research Services to forward the submitted application to the sponsor. To ensure this is done on time, applications must be submitted using the Research Portal by noon on the sponsor deadline.

For more information, please consult our Research website. Applications that have not provided this document by the internal deadline will not be allowed to continue.

Value Stream A: $7,000 to $75,000
Duration 1 to 2 years
Application deadline (CUE)
External Grant Institutional
Signature Page
January 25th, 2021 (4 p.m.)
Application deadline (SSHRC)February 2nd, 2021 (noon)
IMPORTANT – Applications must be submitted before noon on the deadline to guarantee that they will be forwarded to the sponsor on time.
Results announced June 2021
Apply CCV, CCV instructions, and application form

With information from the SSHRC Insight Development Program website:


The goal of the Insight program is to build knowledge and understanding about people, societies and the world by supporting research excellence in all subject areas eligible for funding from SSHRC.

Insight Development Grants

Insight Development Grants are expected to respond to the objectives of the Insight program.

Insight Development Grants support research in its initial stages. The grants enable the development of new research questions, as well as experimentation with new methods, theoretical approaches and/or ideas. Funding is provided for short-term research development projects of up to two years that are proposed by individuals or teams.

Insight Development Grants foster research in its early stages, but are not intended to support large-scale initiatives. Long-term support for research is offered through SSHRC’s Insight Grants.

Proposed projects can involve, but are not limited to, the following types of research activities:

  • case studies
  • pilot initiatives
  • critical analyses of existing research

Projects can also involve national and international research collaboration, and the exploration of new ways of producing, structuring and mobilizing knowledge within and across disciplines and sectors.

Funding is available for two distinct categories of scholars:

  • Emerging scholars who will develop new research questions and/or approaches. Such projects may build on and further the applicant’s (or team’s) graduate work and/or represent a continuation of their overall research trajectory.
  • Established scholars who will explore new research questions and/or approaches that are distinct from the applicant’s previous/ongoing research. Research projects should be clearly delimited and in the early stages of the research process. Insight Development Grant funding is not intended to support ongoing research for established scholars.

SSHRC welcomes applications involving Indigenous research, as well as those involving research-creation.