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External Grant Institutional Signature Page

All grant applications and proposals being submitted under the auspices of Concordia University of Edmonton must be reviewed and approved by the institution. The External Grant Institutional Signature Page provides important information at the time of application submission in order to facilitate disclosure to all relevant persons and insure institutional awareness and approval of the proposed research. The Signature Page is also important to identify potential institutional processes or certifications that may be required (e.g. ethics) so that the applicant can plan accordingly. The Signature Page ensures all parties are aware of their responsibilities that any university resources affected by the project, including cash and in-kind commitments, research facilities, and workload appointments are managed effectively.

The following submissions require a Signature Page:

  • Grant applications to external funding agencies
  • Research Contracts and Scope of Work documents (require additional BMO-CIAR approval)
  • Notice of Intent (NOI) or Letter of Intent (LOI) to external funding agencies when funding is expected during the preparatory phase of the application

An eligible CUE applicant seeking to submit an application for external research funding must comply with this requirement to obtain authorization to submit. Failure to abide by this requirement may result in an application not being submitted on time or at all, refusal to administer funds by CUE, and even disciplinary actions.

Download: External Grant Institutional Signature Page