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Singspiration Alumni Return as Students

Posted on: Sep 20, 2019

Did you notice those few new students confidently navigating the Concordia halls the first week like they grew up here? Well–maybe they did! At least three Singspiration alumni have returned to campus this year to start their post-secondary careers.

Erica Grohn, Abby Mendola, and Maria Pottle were introduced to Concordia through CUE’s summer choral camp, now in its 20th year. They build now on a cumulative foundation of 11 years of choral training, fond memories, and solid friendships at this institution. The three are excited to reunite with fellow alumni Hendrick Baerends (2d year) and Josiah Maxfield (3d year) in the music program and Concordia Concert Choir. And to continue their musical and personal development in Concordia’s halls!

For at least two of these students, camp was a game-changer that led directly back to Concordia. Abby Mendola shares her story:

My first Singspiration was only two summers ago, but spending the week singing with such amazing people made me fall in love with music again, and really pulled me into the world that is choral singing. Singspiration is the reason I am at CUE, and also why I am majoring in music. If it weren’t for this camp, I would most likely be at the University of Alberta as an English major. It was at Singspiration that I discovered voice could be more than just a hobby for me — it was here that I knew music, specifically voice, was a path I wanted to follow; and it was clear that Concordia was where that path began. Singspiration has, quite literally, changed my life. 

In the future for these students? Perhaps a stint as a Singspiration counsellor or staff member, helping to introduce their university to the camp’s next crop of young singers!


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