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Scholarship Success for Concordia Student

Posted on: Jul 2, 2013

In response to an April scholarship opportunity posting from Concordia's Financial Aid office, Kaitlin Jarvis, a first year Bachelor of Education student applied to the Saint John's School of Alberta Legacy Foundation scholarship competition.  This past month, Kaitlin found out that she was a successful recipient of the Hole Family Foundation Scholarship from Saint John's School for Boys valued at $3500. Kaitlin is one of four Concordia students that have received scholarships from the Foundation.  While academic results are obviously important, the scholarship criteria also includes an applicant's volunteer contribution to the community and involvement in some kind of athletic or outdoor pursuit. Kaitlin specifically received the award for her work with the cadet program and her enrolment in the Bachelor of Education program.  Kaitlin works as a training officer in the cadet program planning weekly and yearly training for army cadets which includes development in leadership and citizenship, field training, and expedition training.  She is also a team leader who leads expedition training such as mountain biking, hiking, glacier trekking, and canoeing. The goals Kaitlin wishes to accomplish with the cadet program are made possible through her education at Concordia and this scholarship.  Congratulations Kaitlin on your success!