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Roadblocks to Renewables

Posted on: Mar 15, 2021

Part of the Renewable Energy Speaker Series, with experts ranging from industry, academia, and government.

This session will examine the many reasons why people oppose the inevitable transition to renewable energy in Canada and around the world. Some of these objections are based on fact (solar panels are not very efficient at night) but most come from a place of inaccurate or incomplete knowledge, some of which stems from deliberate misinformation. We will discuss the negative impacts of these roadblocks on the highway to a cleaner and more sustainable future, and how they must be addressed in an assertive but respectful manner.


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Eventbrite – Thursday, March 18, 10:00 am – 11:00 am

Speaker Information

Bill Eggertson; Co-Founder, McNeil Centre for Applied Renewable Energy; Founder, NetZeroPlus

Bill’s career in association management has involved the promotion of renewable energies and climate change, by working as senior staff officer or consultant for eight organizations including the Canadian Association for Renewable Energies, IGSHPA Canada, Earth Energy Society of Canada, SESCI, RenewableEnergyFocus (UK) and SolarAccess (US).  He was trained by Al Gore to explain the implications of global warming under the Climate Reality initiative, and was manager of the Climate Security initiative in Canada for the UK Foreign Office.

He has served with many volunteer groups, including recent positions on the environmental, planning and energy evolution advisory committees of the City of Ottawa, and the Independent Electricity System Operator of Ontario.  His commitment to environmental stewardship was the basis for his selection as a torchbearer at the 2010 winter Olympic Games and, in 2013, he renovated his older home to become one of the top-20 energy-efficient retrofits in Canada in order to demonstrate the NetZeroPlus concept in building design.

About the Speaker Series

McNeil Centre for Applied Renewable Energy (McNeil C.A.R.E) and the Concordia Alumni Association are proud to present the Renewable Energy Speaker Series. This speaker series aims to provide CUE members (students, alumni, staff and faculty) and the community in general with the opportunity to explore renewable energy solutions, learn about the challenges faced by the sustainable energy sector (industry, government and society), careers in the renewable energy sector and interact with experts from across Canada and beyond.


Please email Dr. Isha Katyal, Director, Innovation and Industry with any questions.