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Results from the Student Research Grant competition, November 15th, 2019 call

Posted on: Dec 18, 2019

The results from the November 2019 Student Research Grants call are ready.

The call for applications was quite successful. We received a variety of strong applications. Adjudication was based on merit of the application and the applicant.

The Office of Research Services congratulates the recipients of awards on their success, and encourages all eligible CUE Students to participate in the next call, in March of 2020.





Farhangmehr, Babak


Supervisor: John Walsh

“Sequence Based Investigation of Trematode Prevalence and Diversity in Freshwater Snails in Edmonton Urban Area, Edmonton, AB”

Grant No. CSG-PROJ-1911-03


Friesen, Jan


Supervisor: Xin Chen

“Modulating production of solanesol in Solanum lycopersicum with chronic exposure to red-dominant or blue-dominant LED light”

Grant No. CSG-PROJ-1911-06


Luu, Mark


Supervisor: Mariola Janowicz

“Understanding Oncorhynchus clarkii lewisi Diet Diversity and Trophic Relationships by Gut Contents and Stable Isotope Analysis”

Grant No. CSG-PROJ-1911-07


Merkley, Jessica


Supervisor: Deborah Hemmerling

“The antifungal effect of Cedarwood, Cedrus atlantica, essential oil, and its main constituents on Candida albicans

Grant No. CSG-PROJ-1911-08


Patience, Daniel


Supervisor: John Walsh

“A refined protocol for the DNA barcoding of Ips bark beetles and their symbionts by sequence-based primer desing and restriction site mapping”

Grant No. CSG-PROJ-1911-04


Sindiheb, Providence


Supervisor: Deborah Hemmerling

“Effect of GM-CSF on breast cancer cell lines”

Grant No. CSG-PROJ-1911-02


Wong, Braxton


Supervisor:Carla Craveiro Salvado

“Determining the prolific and viability effect of Beta-hydroxybutyrate, a ketone body resultant from a fasting diet, on breast cancer and cervical cancer cells.”

Grant No. CSG-PROJ-1911-05


Research at Concordia University of Edmonton is supported in part by the Research Support Fund, a Tri-Agency initiative that assists Canadian post-secondary institutions with costs associated with managing research funded by the federal research granting agencies. Concordia University of Edmonton acknowledges the value of this support and appreciates this ongoing research investment.