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Research Cluster Focus on Women Presents: Women’s Advocacy Voice of Edmonton (WAVE) an Introduction

Posted on: Jan 16, 2018


Please join the Focus on Women research cluster on January 24th at noon in HA 206 for our first talk of 2018!
We’re excited to welcome Kaylin Betteridge and Marian Bruin from the Women’s Advocacy Voice of Edmonton (WAVE) to come speak to us about the committee and its initiatives:
“Women’s Advocacy Voice of Edmonton: An Introduction and Invitation.”
The City of Edmonton is comprised of 50.5% women and yet there is only has two women out of 13 on City Council.
City Administration and Council know that good decision making happens when there is diversity around the table. This session will share what the City of Edmonton is doing to ensure that women’s needs, perspectives, and issues are heard and addressed at a municipal level and provide opportunities for you to get involved.
If you would like to find out more about WAVE prior to the talk, click to visit their website