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President Loreman’s Wednesday Update, July 7, 2021

Posted on: Jul 7, 2021
CUE 100

Dear CUE Community,

I hope all members of our community are well and are enjoying the summer so far.

CUE’s administration is still receiving occasional questions about our classes in Fall 2021. To clarify, please note that we are planning to be almost entirely back on campus and face-to-face in September. We will have very few online course offerings, but we are excited to be in the position to start offering some courses via flexible delivery (a mix of online and in-person instruction). Students who are registering can find information on the mode of delivery for individual courses in the course listing, which will be updated within the next couple of weeks to account for flexible delivery courses.

More generally, I am happy to report that our plans for our return to campus in Fall 2021 are coming along nicely. I have been working with our senior administration and various leaders at CUE to put together a detailed plan for this. We will be publicly posting this plan on our website and hope that everyone will take the time to familiarize themselves with it. It should be completed and available sometime within the next couple of weeks.


Tim Loreman, PhD.

President and Vice Chancellor.