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Part 4: Wellness Spring Speaker Series

Posted on: Apr 6, 2021

The Interdisciplinary Research Cluster on Wellness is proud to present its Spring Speaker Series. With expert speakers from all over North America, you’ll hear fascinating and thought-provoking research, ranging from the pandemic and overall wellbeing to gender diversity to financial wellness. 

Join us

for Curricular and Co-Curricular Delivery of Financial Wellness Content

When: Wednesday, April 7
At: 4:00pm (MST)
Link: meet.google.com/zsb-vrud-xmm

Curricular and Co-Curricular Delivery of Financial Wellness Content

Dr. Robin Henager (MBA, PhD), Assistant Dean & Associate Professor of Economics and Finance, Whitworth University School of Business

With the continued growth of consumer debt, student loan debt, and the lack of significant savings, students are entering a world in need of financial discipline and financial decision-making capabilities. As educators, we hold a responsibility to help students develop the discipline that will help them be successful in their career and their life such as an understanding of how to make wise financial decisions. Ideally, universities and colleges would include a course in personal finance in their general education curriculum. While many may agree this course should indeed be a part of general education, many institutions have not been able to implement this as a requirement. Many colleges and universities have a course in personal finance, but it serves as an elective taken primarily by business and economics students. This leaves many post-secondary graduates with little formal training on how to manage finances. One university has found a way to address this gap by restructuring personal finance into both a one-credit course and a co-curricular program. While not specifically addressing the general education requirement, it does offer options to all students across the campus. This presentation will address the usefulness of a general education requirement, look at some solutions offered by other universities, and finally will overview one university’s model of a one-credit course and a co-curricular program both of which deliver financial wellness content for students.

About Robin Henager

Dr. Robin Henager (PhD) is the Assistant Dean for the School of Business and an Associate Professor of Economics and Finance at Whitworth University in Spokane, Washington, USA. Robin is an award-winning researcher whose research focuses on financial literacy, financial behaviors that may be impacted by levels of financial literacy, financial wellness, and student loan debt. Dr. Henager’s expertise and passion are in the areas of microeconomics, consumer decision making, and personal financial planning. Robin has been named “Most Influential Professor at Whitworth” and was named the “Outstanding MBA Faculty of the Year” for 2020. Dr. Henager is the founding faculty member of Balance Your Buc$, a student-led organization teaching personal finance to students across Whitworth’s campus. Robin serves as the current President of ACCI, an association of scholars researching consumer interests. Dr. Henager received her undergraduate degree from Eastern Washington University, her MBA from Brenau University, and her PhD in Family Financial Planning and Consumer Economics from the University of Georgia.

Spring 2021 Presentation Series

Save the dates in your calendars for the whole series:

DatePresenterPresentation TitleGoogle Meet Link
Wednesday, March 10Dr. Debora BaldwinOptimism and Resiliency as Psychological Resourcemeet.google.com/pnz-tnxg-etz
Wednesday, March 24Dr. Carmen ArthCreating a Culture of Thriving for Sexual and Gender Diverse Studentsmeet.google.com/bxf-fkrt-bis
Wednesday, March 31Dr. Joe CuseoWellness, Holistic Development, & The First-Year Experiencemeet.google.com/due-jmkw-ptz
Wednesday, April 7Dr. Robin HenagerCurricular and Co-Curricular Delivery of Financial Wellness Contentmeet.google.com/zsb-vrud-xmm

* Each presentation will be held at 4:00-5:00 pm (MST)