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NVIDIA Corporation donates Titan V GPUs to CUE helping to further machine learning and data science research

Posted on: Jan 22, 2020

CUE’s Faculty of Science and Centre for Applied Artificial Intelligence (CAAI) are excited to announce NVIDIA Corporation’s generous donation of two graphics processing units (GPUs) to assist in advancing the university’s research in the area of machine learning and data science.

Dr. Baidya Saha, assistant professor in Mathematics and Computing Science at CUE, led the initiative and now plans to use these GPUs to advance machine learning based research projects that require large-scale parallel computation for accelerating and scaling up of big data real-time stream processing.

Ed Boraas, Research Coordinator of the CAAI, is delighted with the opportunity these GPUs present. “These GPUs give our students and researchers the ability to conduct their own experiments using technology that’s far beyond what’s available in typical desktop GPUs. They will be able to train larger, more complex models, and do so many times faster than would be possible without access to such accelerators.

The CAAI is engaged in a number of interesting artificial intelligence and data learning endeavours, developed within the university community and with industry partners. These projects include CT diagnostic imaging and the reduction of patient radiation, learning games through self-play without human supervision, predicting loan application results and optimizing applications.

Nvidia Corporation acknowledges that research in the field of data science spans a full spectrum from theoretical foundations to innovative models, algorithms, and applies to all areas such as business, medicine, engineering, and science. They are committed to furthering research with novel approaches, performance improvements, and solutions.

About NVIDIA Corporation
As a global technology company that designs graphics processing units for gaming and professional markets, their invention of the GPU in 1999 sparked the growth of the PC gaming market, redefining modern computer graphics and revolutionizing parallel computing. More recently, their work in using the GPU as the brain of computers, has ignited modern Artificial Intelligence.

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