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Energy Calculator Project

Concordia University of Edmonton’s Dr. Sergey Ishutov has partnered with McNeil Centre for Applied Renewable Energy (C.A.R.E.) to bring us the Energy Calculator Project. This open to the public three-part study involves an energy usage survey, interaction with the energy calculator and a feedback survey. Interested participants are invited to sign up for the study here.

Despite economic and environmental hurdles, the population of our planet is growing. We need access to food and freshwater, and we need a constant supply of energy to heat and light up our houses. The future of energy access depends on how each of us can conserve the environment and avoid overexploitation of natural resources. This is a chance to make a positive impact and help us establish the most efficient way to use energy as we transition to renewable energy sources.

If you are ready to contribute to the solution of energy transition challenges, the McNeil C.A.R.E. research centre and Dr. Serg Ishutov from the Faculty of Science invite you to participate in their research project using the Energy Calculator.

You will be asked to complete two surveys and to test the online tool to determine how much daily energy you use in your house, apartment, or residence. One of our goals is to help you improve your energy consumption behaviour and to find a better approach to save money on your utility bills.

After completion of each survey, you will receive a personalized 3D-printed key tag (after the first survey) and an LED bulb (after the second survey) to compensate your time and efforts. Of course, you can withdraw from participating in any phase of the project.

If interested, please click the button below for complete information and to sign up for the study.

Please email any questions you may have to Serg Ishutov, Assistant Professor, Earth and Environmental Science at sergey.ishutov@concordia.ab.ca