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Moodle is joining Single Sign On — December 18

Posted on: Dec 7, 2018

Prior to the Fall term, we implemented Single Sign On for access to Online Services and your Concordia Google Accounts.  We are happy to announce that on December 18, we will be taking another step in improving simplicity and security of our services for students, faculty, and staff by incorporating Moodle into our Single Sign On (SSO) Service.

As of 8 AM on December 18, access to Moodle will be controlled by our SSO system.  This means that rather than the old Moodle login page, you will see the familiar SSO login page when attempting to access Moodle.  Additionally, if you have already logged into Online Services or your Concordia Google Account, you will not even need to login again when accessing Moodle.  This change will apply to both our main Moodle site (https://courses.concordia.ab.ca/) as well as our Course Evaluations Moodle site (https://courseeval.concordia.ab.ca/).  It also means that your Moodle account can now be protected by two-factor authentication, if desired.

For more information on single sign on and two-factor authentication see: https://concordia.ab.ca/campus-services/help-desk/support/#login

How can I identify the real login page?
With the heightened awareness of phishing attacks and other web security dangers, it is important to be attentive any time you are entering your username and password on a website.

Here is an example of our single sign on page:

There are a few things to note: The Concordia single sign on login page will always have an address starting with https://identity.concordia.ab.ca as in the image above. That address bar will also contain a padlock, indicating that the site is who it claims to be. If your web browser shows an address that’s different in any way, including failing to show “https” at the start of the address, it is not legitimate.

It is also worth reminding that Concordia IT Services does not (and will not) ask for your username and password over email.

What do I need to do for this change?
Nothing is required in preparation for this change.  We do encourage you to enable two-factor authentication to increase the security of your Concordia accounts.

How can I get help?
Both before and after the change, the IT Helpdesk is available to answer your questions or provide assistance with Single Sign On and Two Factor Authentication. We can be reached at 780 479 9316 or helpdesk@concordia.ab.ca as well as in the Arnold Guebert Library in L356.