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Invitation to the Completion Ceremony for QLNU and SWU Students

Posted on: Aug 7, 2018

You are cordially invited to the completion ceremony for the Undergraduate Study Abroad Program for QLNU and SWU students, held at Tegler Student Centre from 2:30-4:30 pm on Thursday August 9, followed by a reception.

The QLNU, SWU, CNU students, as well as Concordia’s international students, will present beautiful performances at the ceremony: piano, guitar, singing, and dancing.

The CCS Undergraduate Study Abroad Program is half way through so far. The Students from QLNU (Qilu Normal University, Shandong Province) and SWU (Southwest University, Chongqing) have completed their 3 credit courses with local CUE students in summer term 1 and are going to fly back to China by the end of this week. The CNU (Capital Normal University) students will continue their study with another 3-credit course from this week in summer term 2. Followed by their summer term 1 study, the QLNU and SWU students will also attend two lectures delivered by Marcella Cassiano (The Canadian Family: Trends and Issues) and Dr. Xinxin Fang (K-12 Education in Canada).

It is now time for the QLNU and SWU students to reflect on their accomplishments, celebrate the goals they have achieved and consider the friendships they have made with CNU students, local classmates and international students on CUE campus! It is time to thank those who believed in them and helped them overcome culture shock and obstacles during their study abroad period.


Here are some student impressions of Canada, Edmonton and Concordia:

Canada: A large and vast territory, green, beautiful, friendly, sparsely populated, dry, cold, sweet, slow pace, quiet, warm-hearted people, comfortable, expansive, multicultural, wide, foreign, gorgeous, broad and clean.

Edmonton: Blue sky, flat, huge temperature difference, colorful, energetic, enjoyable, multicultural, polite, slower life, beautiful, amazing, cold weather, cozy, friendly, trees, desolate, clean, charming environment, quiet, remote, harmonious and tranquil.

Concordia: Friendly, warm-hearted, caring, diversified, peaceful, amicable, leisure, active, perfect, unique, quiet, enthusiastic, kind, beautiful, under construction, small, enchanting and picturesque.


Here are some of the reflections from the Chinese students on their study with local professors and students:

“Studying in small classes makes me more focused on and involved in the class.”
“The professor is patient and friendly to students. Also, the local students are easy-going and they are more active in class than our Chinese students, which is a merit we should learn from them.”
“Class atmosphere in Canada is more casual and relaxing than in China.”
“The teacher trusts and respects his students.”
“The Canadian students are very friendly and always encourage me.”
“Local students know how to cooperate and respect each other’s ideas. In the process of
“The process of study is calculated well.”