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Improving security across our campus

Posted on: Oct 27, 2022
There have been catalytic converter thefts from our parking lots and laptop thefts from classrooms. One thing Security has been working on is making it harder for thefts to occur across campus.  Some of the things we have done are:
  • Improving awareness to report when there are suspicious people around through the Inside CUE and the CUE newsletter 

  • Posting the identity of a suspect on some doors around campus

  • Reducing the open times to 30 minutes before  and shortly after classes when the class is over if there isn’t a class scheduled immediately. This helps to reduce the opportunity of a theft occurring and the negative impact that occurs, not having the laptop for teaching, the cost to replace it, the associated time investigating and reporting the theft, etc. 

  • An extra guard on duty from 7am to 3pm on weekdays to increase patrols and the general response of security across the campus

  • Patrolling the Z Lot parking area in addition to the CUE campus