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Important dates for faculty

Posted on: Sep 27, 2016

Concordia's faculty are reminded of the following important deadlines:

Advancement in rank. Any faculty member applying for promotion must notify Dr. Tim Loreman, Vice President Academic and Provost, of their intention in writing by October 1 as per Article 11 of the Collective Agreement. A brief email will suffice. The full case-file may be submitted on or before November 1. 

Sabbatical. As per Article 21 of the Collective Agreement applications for sabbatical are due to Faculty Deans by October 1. The sabbatical priority list will be distributed today or tomorrow via email. As we have been delayed in publishing the priority list this year the deadline for sabbatical application submissions to Deans has been extended until October 10.

Reduction in teaching. As per article 16 of the Collective Agreement applications for reduction in teaching for research purposes are due to the Vice President International and Research, Dr. Manfred Zeuch, by November 15.