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Photos of documents will not be accepted by email. Only clear scanned copies will be accepted.

Course Selection Form (to register in courses)
Course Change Form (to add, drop, or withdraw from courses)
Course Reduction Form (to request transfer credit or course exemptions)
Document Request Form (to request CIC letters, Graduation Status Letters, or any other documents)
Permission Form to Host, Photocopy, and Lend Culminating Activity
Withhold Request Form

NOTE: For a general proof of enrolment letter, please see the ‘Other Offices’ section below.

Student Information Update (to provide updated student information such as address and contact details)


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Resources for Graduate Supervisors

Graduate Assistantships

Student Periodic Progress Reports

Other offices:

General Proof of Enrolment (Online in ‘Registration Services’)
Application for Graduation (Online Services for Students to the Registrar’s Office)
Transcript Request (Online Services for Students to the Registrar’s Office)