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Fire Evacuation Repsonse Team Members Still Needed

Posted on: Oct 20, 2022

Thank you to those who keep us safe in a fire evaucation and we still have many areas on campus that don’t have coverage for Fire Evacuation or have limited coverage. Would you consider helping to make sure people evacuate in a timely manner? Even if there is coverage it is helpful to have additional people with people working from home, training, general absence, etc. If so please contact Andrew Sterne, andrew.sterne@concordia.ab.ca

What’s involved?

  • Being able to check and walk through the area you are assigned to if you are there when the alarm sounds

  • Reporting to the Muster Point with pertinent information; if anyone is inside still and their location or if the area is clear, if there is smoke and fire in your area

  • Attending an evacuation training session and if desired a walk through of your assigned area to be preapared when the alarm sounds

  • Having a cool high visibility arm band and a checklist 

We need people for the following areas:

Hole Academic Centre – East and West Side

Tegler – Basement

Guild Hall – Basement, Third and Fourth floors

Schwermann Hall – Basement, Second and Third Floors

Allan Wachowich Centre – Basement, Main Floors

Ralph King Athletic Centre – Main and Second floors