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Faculty Research Papers and Publications Spring-Summer 2019 Term Update

Posted on: Sep 13, 2019

Research Outputs Spring-Summer 2019 Term Update. Explore our faculty’s most recent publications.

In this posting you will find the latest publications from the vibrant scholarly community at Concordia University of Edmonton. We congratulate all of the members of our faculties for their continuous effort to publish the results of their research and creativity.




Faculty of Arts

Catherine Caufield

Caufield C (2019, in press).“Twenty-First Century Jewish Women Writers in Canada.” Shalvi-Hyman Encyclopedia of Jewish Women-Jewish Women’s Archive. Brookline USA.

John Jayachandran, Colin Neufeldt, Elizabeth Smythe and Oliver Franke

Jayachandran J, Neufeldt C, Smythe E and Franke O (2019). “Practical Measures for Institutional Program Reviews: A Case Study of a Small Post-Secondary Institution” Canadian Journal of Higher Learning 49(2): 54-71.

Robin Willey

Kaler A, Parkins J and Willey RD (2019). “Almost at Home in South Sudan: International Christian Humanitarians and the Theopolitics of Recognition” Canadian Journal of Sociology 44(2): 137-164.

Willey RD (2019).  “Shifting the Sacred: Rob Bell and the Postconservative Turn” Critical Research on Religion 7 (1): 80-99.


Faculty of Education

Brent Bradford

Bradford B, Hickson C and Berg S. (2019, in press). “The teaching continuum: A framework for generalist trained elementary school teachers in physical education”. In Perspectives on the Physical Education Spectrum of Teaching Styles: New Perspectives, Ed. B. Suesee, S. Pill, & M. Hewitt. Routledge: USA. Book chapter

Bradford B, van Ingen B, Daniels J, Wagner J and Hanic M (2019, in press). “Student wellness: An investigation on a small Canadian postsecondary campus” The International Journal of Learning in Higher Education. Peer-reviewed journal article

Kell S, Sulz L, Bradford B and Gleddie D (2019, in Press). “Research-informed teaching tips for health educators” RUNNER. Non-peer reviewed, dissemination

Simmee Chung

Caine V, Chung S, Steeves P, and Clandinin DJ (2019, in press) “The necessity of a relational ethics alongside noddings’ ethics of care in narrative inquiry”. Qualitative Research ePub 1-12.


Faculty of Management

Mark Loo

Loo MKL and Iqbal BA (2019) “Global competitiveness of BRICS and Canada: implications for businessTransnational Corporations Review 11(2): 97-108


Faculty of Science

Patrick Kamau

Dhanjai, Sinha A, Kalambate PK, Mugo SM, Kamau P, Chen J and Jain R (2019). “Polymer hydrogel interfaces in electrochemical sensing strategies: A reviewTrends in Analytical Chemistry 118: 488-501. Impact Factor 8.7