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Faculty Evacuation Information Reminder

Posted on: Jan 20, 2017

Please provide your students a reminder about the evacuation procedures.

There is more detail about people who require assistance in the following procedures. The procedures can be found at G:\Information for Faculty and Staff\Campus Safety\Evacuation

A brief extract covers most responsibilities.

Instructors are responsible for:
1. Knowing the Evacuation Routes and Muster Points that are posted in each classroom in which they teach.

2. Instructing students in evacuation procedures both at the beginning of the term and when the alarm sounds. Instructions include:
a. Do not pick up your books or bags.
b. Walk single file out of the classroom, do not run.
c. Do not use elevators.

3. Pre-planning for Evacuation of Persons Requiring Assistance (Appendix B);

4. When the alarm sounds, leading the evacuation of all students from classrooms via established fire exit routes (see Evacuation Routes and Muster Points posted in each classroom);

5. Following the directions of Response Team Members at all times;

6. After 4:00 pm and on the weekends, leading students to Muster Point 1 (Appendix A) and report there to the Response Team Member.