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Indigenous Knowledge & Research Centre

MMEIP: A Day of Discussion

In the third week of March, CUE hosts events for the awareness for Missing, Murdered and Exploited Indigenous Peoples (MMEIP). It is important that our campus community engages in learning and dialogue that centers Indigenous Peoples in Canada, including the disproportionate rates of missing and murdered Indigenous women, men, and two-spirits (2S). In the spirit of healing and justice, we challenge our community to participate, reflect, and continue the conversation within your circles. Only together we can address, reform, and create safety for all members of our community.

#nomorestolensisters #mmeip

Everyone is welcome to attend. Please see this year’s schedule below.


9 AM to 2 PM ● Tegler
Faceless Dolls

2:30 PM ● IKRC (AW 124)
Circle and Feast