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CUE’s Edmonton Institute for Community Research (EICR) -Updated FAQ

Posted on: Jul 15, 2016




What is the purpose of the EICR?

CUE’s Edmonton Institute for Community Research (EICR) functions as a coordinating hub for applied research focused primarily in the areas of social importance and community relevance.

The EICR works to empower innovation by promoting faculty applied research, encouraging student applied research and entrepreneurship, facilitating university-community collaboration, and enabling community enrichment through outreach activities.

The goal of the EICR is to provide a streamlined, community friendly approach for applied research assistance, information access, project collaboration, and student business incubation services.

How can the EICR assist faculty?

The EICR functions to assist in the “business process requirements” of applied research allowing faculty to focus on the research itself, thereby creating a team approach in developing applied research opportunities and community collaboration.

The EICR can provide assistance in any of the following areas:

  • Identifying potential community partners
  • Developing project collaborations
  • Guiding project scope and budget creation
  • Providing project contract negotiation
  • Identifying potential project funding sources
  • Providing project management assistance
  • Guiding student business incubation and entrepreneurship activities
  • Identifying potential protectable intellectual property

How do I contact the EICR for assistance?

The EICR can be contacted via email at eicr@concordia.ab.ca, by phone at 780.479.9395 (David Burry), or drop by HA218 for a chat. It is always best to contact the EICR as soon as possible in the applied research project development process, but assistance can be provided at any point as the need arises.

Can the EICR assist with the development of project budgets and timelines?

Absolutely. The EICR can help with the planning of research projects including the development and implementation of project phases, budget and timeline development.

My department is already involved in applied research projects. Will the EICR compete or duplicate our efforts?

NO. The EICR is designed to be a collaborative resource for faculties and researchers to access assistance with community project facilitation and the acceleration of research agendas.

If the EICR is focused on facilitating applied research primarily in the areas of “social importance and community relevance” does that mean my natural science based research would be excluded from EICR assistance?

NO. EICR assistance and collaboration is open to all areas of applied research at CUE. An applied research focus of social importance and community relevance indicates that the research is performed with the intent of providing real-world solutions to industry and community issues.

I am unsure if my research has created patentable IP. What should I do?  

Contact the EICR to discuss the details of the research outcomes and options to move forward.

Can the EICR help me develop additional community relationships to support my research programming?  

Yes. The EICR can help identify possible collaborators and provide introductions to potential industry and community partners.

I am interested in creating a business based on my research results. What is the process to commercialize research?  

The current faculty handbook indicates two ways to proceed with commercialization. On your own, or with the assistance of CUE. Either way, it starts with the completion of a Report of Invention and Disclosure of Intent to Commercialize document. Please contact the EICR for more information.

I am a CUE student who has an idea for a business but I am not sure where to start. Can the EICR help?

Yes. The EICR supports student entrepreneurship and can introduce you to mentors who can assist in the business development process. Please contact the EICR to discuss the services available that can help incubate your idea.