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Dut Kuruai

Posted on: Aug 12, 2020

Dut Kuruai passed away due to complications related to cancer on the morning of Wednesday 5 August 2020 at the University of Alberta Hospital.

Dut Kuruai entered the Environmental Health program in Spring 2018, but had to suspend his studies as he became ill. In Fall 2019, Dut’s health improved and he was able to return to his studies. Despite battling cancer, experiencing chemotherapy side effects, going in and out of hospital, and living in pain, Dut was determined to continue his program. He valued education and continued to study and complete assignments even while hospitalized. Dut was grateful for the gift of life, calm, always eager to lend a helping hand to others and ever smiling. He was appreciative of the help and support he received. Dut will be sincerely missed, and our thoughts are with his family and friends at this time of grief.