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Dr. Neil Querengesser on A Personal Pilgrimage through Concordia’s Neighborhoods

Posted on: Nov 28, 2017

The Institute for Christian Studies & Society presents Dr. Neil Querengesser, Dean of Arts: “Take a Walk on the High Side: A Personal Pilgrimage through Concordia’s Neighborhoods” on Wednesday December 6 at 12:00-1:00 pm in Room HA208

I will narrate a slide show of my journey through Concordia’s surrounding neighborhoods late this summer, a journey conducted over three separate days.  The purpose was to immerse myself in the natural, residential, recreational, commercial, and industrial surroundings of our university in order to discover what relationship we at Concordia bore or could bear to our neighbours, our community and our environment.

I call this journey a pilgrimage because my purpose was one of discovery and personal transformation in order better to understand my own relationship to Concordia by achieving a better understanding of its natural, geographical, and demographic contexts. Through my own transformation I plan to discuss the story of my journey by envisioning Concordia—and at times myself—in its environmental context to our past, our present, and our potential futures.