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Do you want to be a “Holiday Helper” to a CUE student in need?!

Posted on: Dec 2, 2019

The CUE food bank is creating holiday hampers for students that have used the food bank this term.  We want to personalize each hamper and don’t want them to be a “one size fits all” gift.  Our CUE food bank students are filling out a questionnaire with information which will help us make these hampers as awesome as possible.  We want to show our CUE students how important they are to the CUE family!

DO YOU WANT TO KNOW HOW TO HELP?!  It’s super easy – and is going to be a blast!  Each student is assigned a number, you will be given some information about the student, and some items that would make their holiday a little brighter.  We ask that you, or perhaps your department as a whole, be a HOLIDAY HELPER and help with one (or as many things as you are able to) on the student’s list.

Please visit Amanda in HA213, or email foodbank@concordia.ab.ca for further details.