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CUE seeks historical designation and rezoning of Magrath Campus

Posted on: Apr 22, 2022

Concordia University of Edmonton (CUE) has applied for Magrath Campus to be rezoned and designated as a municipal heritage resource by the City of Edmonton. The move would further recognize the historical significance of the site and would introduce many future uses for the property.

Once rezoning happens, the Magrath Campus will become a hub for the CUE community. A variety of events are being explored to connect students, faculty, staff, volunteers and supporters, as well as open the doors to the greater community for special occasions.

Pending rezoning, uses of Magrath Campus may include

  • Classes, including history classes and others that CUE’s main campus lacks adequate space for, such as music
  • Fundraising events and other donor and alumni engagement opportunities 
  • Events for the Fine Arts department and research clusters such as concerts and recitals, poetry and literary readings, lectures, and presentations 
  • Student events, in collaboration with the student associations
  • Development of an Indigenous outdoor learning space and a community garden
  • Retreats and events for staff and faculty members
  • Guided tours and other historical education events, in collaboration with the Highlands Historical Society
  • Revenue generating opportunities for CUE through external rentals

Magrath Campus will be a cornerstone of CUE’s community relations and we will continue to invite the public in for events. This past weekend, CUE welcomed the broader community to Magrath Campus for a family Easter egg hunt. This event that saw nearly 300 children attend, along with their families.

The Magrath property has been designated as a heritage site by the province since 1975. If the property receives municipal designation, CUE will be able to access resources and potential funding from the city’s Historical Resources Management Program.

The City of Edmonton’s Urban Planning Committee will review CUE’s application later this spring. We expect it will advance to City Council in early July. 

We will keep the CUE community updated on the progress of our application and look forward to welcoming more people to Magrath Campus in the months ahead.