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CUE gift and hospitality policies

Posted on: Nov 29, 2017

December is a month of celebration and, often, we also exchange gifts. It is therefore important for us to observe our policies with respect to hospitality and gifts at CUE.

Please note that gifts between individuals or from Departments to individuals are no longer an expense that will be reimbursed by CUE.

Please note also that we have tightened up our hospitality policy considerably with respect to the circumstances under which food and beverage can be provided at meetings and gatherings.

We have allocated up to $35 per employee per year to be spent on one or more social occasions (not gifts) to be decided on by the budget manager in consultation with the Department or unit. This may occur in December, or at any other time during the financial year.

These policies have been implemented to ensure that we can apply maximum resources to areas that directly impact the quality of experience we offer our students.

The policy documents can be found here.